Artificial Grass: Burden or Blessing?

Artificial Grass

Gone are the days where artificial lawns were purely the mainstay of flower shows, model villages and football pitches.

Today you will find a whole variety of different gardens that are host to an artificial lawn for a multitude of different reasons. Whether it’s to save pets from ruining a natural lawn, a shady, or overly wet area that simply can’t grow a thick enough  carpet of green, or ease of use for folks who can no longer mow their grass for any number of reasons; artificial turf, or “astro turf” as it is popularly known as can often be the answer.

There are many guides to buying the right kind of lawn, one of which can be found here in fact. But why waste time reading lots of articles online when you have Adam on hand to help you choose.

Some things to remember though:
  • Any existing turf has to be removed prior to installation of artificial lawns
  • Hardcore and/or sand will then need to be applied to create a smooth surface to lay the turf on
  • In most cases a wooden frame will be added around the edges of the lawn area to allow the turf to be pinned in place
  • There are occasions where the turf will move following installation: this is a perfectly normal process that happens as the materials that make up the lawn come to settle into their new position in your garden
  • Rolls of turf come in fixed lengths like a roll of carpet: therefore you may need to budget for a larger surface area of lawn to be bought than expected to avoid off cuts and seams in the garden
Where to source turf:

There are many places where artificial lawns can be purchased; in fact many DIY centres and garden centres will host a variety models for you to select from. We actually recommend a rather more humble retailer for our lawns, which prove to be as beautiful to look at and as hard-wearing as the most expensive brands: B&M Bargains (we kid you not)!

As always, get in touch today for a free quote!

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